Cisco 887 for FTTP over VLAN 100

With the NBN rolling out re-purposing existing equipment if possible can be a life saver.

So far I’ve had the opportunity to test with the Cisco 877¬†VDSL, connecting it to an FTTP(Ethernet handover).

The below was successful connecting and authenticating over VLAN 100

Cisco IOS Software, C800 Software (C800-UNIVERSALK9-M)

interface FastEthernet0
switchport mode trunk
no ip address
encapsulation dot1q 100
interface Vlan100
no ip address
pppoe enable group global
pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1
interface Dialer1
ip address negotiated
encapsulation ppp
mtu 1488
dialer pool 1
dialer-group 1
ppp authentication chap callin
ppp chap hostname *your username*
ppp chap password *your password*

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My GNS3 Lab Setup

For my certifications I’ve become a huge fan of GNS3, it’s come a long way since its version 0.x days and is a great tool for labbing with many vendors.

My current setup is:
GNS3 2.0 –
VMWare Workstation Player(free version)
This also required me to download and install VMware VIX 1.15

I’m currently using the below images:
C3640-JK9O3S-M), Version 12.4(16a)

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My first blog post

A blog to record my networking journey from my current CCENT to CCNA and beyond.


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